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One of our primary missions with BMX4AUTISM, BMX4Charity and Gaming4Autism will be attending events and shows to help raise awareness and funds for local children’s causes and/or charities. We do not charge any fees for our services nor do we take a percentage of any proceeds generated in the name of the local cause and/or charity we are representing. Our efforts are to be solely funded by our sponsors, the charitable donations of our supporters and the selling our own charitable items at our display booth and online.

​As a secondary goal we would like to be able to gift bicycles and gaming consoles to needy families dealing with a multitudes of issues including but not limited to Autism. As a long time cyclist I understand the joy and freedom that a bicycle can bring to a child and as a gamer I realize that many gamers are on the spectrum and that gaming can actually be both therapeutic and educational.

Currently all our efforts are self funded but we are looking for outside financial support to help us continue our outreach efforts and continue on our mission of making this our life’s work. Please be aware that many of those on the spectrum need your understanding, support and assistance, so even if you do not wish to support our efforts please consider supporting one of the other many children’s charitable efforts.



 If you are interested in helping to support our efforts with
monetary support, product support or both please contact.

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